Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures


Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures: Basecamp

Hidden deep in the mountains, a few miles from the highway and a world apart from the ski lifts and condo projects of Big Sky- you'll find the Montana you've been looking for.  The Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures Basecamp.  Not the easiest place to get to- but well worth the effort.   Share stories from the trail by the campfire.  Warm your toes in our heated canvas mountain tent.  Enjoy a warm drink as you meet our dogs.

Our Basecamp is the perfect place to enjoy an off-the-beaten path winter adventure.  Our trips begin and finish at our camp, and we return back to camp mid-way and give every one the opportunity to snack, warm-up and spend time with our canine cohorts.  There is no more comfortable way to enjoy a dog sled adventure then a visit to our basecamp!

For the 2020-21 Winter- all trips will meet at our Basecamp on Taylor Fork Rd.   Conveniently located between Big Sky and West Yellowstone.  

 (4x4 or AWD vehicle required to drive directly to our camp)