Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures



There isn't a whole of space available on the sleds for a lot of stuff, so pack light.  

There is room for 1 small backpack for every two persons on a sled.  

If you feel you must bring more, a second backpack can be brought along, however, one person must be prepared to wear the backpack all day. 

If your dressed for the weather, there isn't a whole lot more to bring, however there are a few items that might make your trip a little better

- Handwarmers (foot warmers also) tuck these into your boots and gloves on cold days and feel the radiant warmth

- Ski Goggles (during snow storms these are nice) 

- Camera.  Make sure to bring your camera, take photos and make video's of your trip and then share them on our Facebook page.  The more pictures the better is our philosophy.

- Water Bottle. Fill it up before you join us, there is no water available on the trail 

-Sunscreen.  On sunny days the reflection off the snow is bright- Bring sunscreen to keep from burning!

-Snack food  (light things that you can eat on the go, Power Bar, Granola Bar, etc...)