Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures


Winter 2020 -2021 Covid Operating Plan

Fall & Winter 20-21 Covid Operating Plan:

After watching how the summer tourism season in Montana unfolded, we have now determined how we will operate this season. Below are our procedures and policies for operating during these complicated times.

We will be open for business! And we are ready to start booking trips. If you are interested in booking a trip with us, please email and we will get you booked.
Booking & Refund Policy. In order to receive a refund just cancel two weeks prior to your trip. We charge a non-refundable $5 per person service fee.  It is totaled into the total price

Our reservation policy is 100% of trip cost at time of booking, Our cancellation policy is Refund of trip cost, minus the $5 per person service fee, if you cancel more than 14 days prior to your trip, 50% refund for cancellations from 13 days to 48 hours before trip. Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to trip will receive no refund, however you can reschedule. 

We suggest purchasing Travel Insurance if you feel you might not be able to make your trip.
We will have different operating policies dependent on what “phase” of Covid recovery we are in
Important things to note in our plans for this winter are below:
1) We will be limiting trip group sizes to 10 participants per departure. We will make exceptions for larger groups that are together, but we won’t combine groups. Standard trips will be limited to 10 people.
2) We recommend that all participants have their own transportation to our camp. We will keep our road well plowed so guests can get in and out of our camp. In years past we have provided rides from a lodge in Big Sky- this year, if we are in phase 2 or 3 we will provide rides if absolutely necessary, but guests will be required to wear masks inside the vehicle.
3). We’ve built our business on guests having the ability to drive their own sleds. In the past, our guests had the opportunity to drive their own sled about 25-50% of the time, and the rest of the time they rode with a guide.
In the name of social distancing we are going to be increasing that time you’re driving your own sled. We hope that every group will have about half of their participants willing to drive sleds (following a guide sled ).
We want to have our guides on their own sleds as much as possible and guests following them- this will greatly increase our ability to social distance.
4) If we are in Phase 2 or 3, we will provide rides for people with a guide driving the sled, but guests (and guides) will be required to wear masks.
If we go back to phase 1 (the strictest phase) our guides will not ride on the sled with guests.
5) In years past we have provided blankets for guests to bundle up in on sleds. We are asking people to bring their own this year. We will provide them if needed, but we will be required to wash them after each trip, so it would be great if you could bring your own so we will have less laundry.
6) We will still provide snacks and beverages, but everything will be Individually packaged and disposable.
7) Masks will be required in our wall tents.
Thanks for reading this far. We really want to take you dogsledding and hope you understand our policies and reasoning. Once you book we will keep you up-to-date, on what we are doing and how the trips are being run. If we have to make other changes we will let you know immediately. We will allow guests to cancel with no penalty, if the way we are having to run trips is not to their expectations or liking.
Thanks and we hope that you still are interested in spending time with us this winter.