Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures



MEETING SPOT FOR 2.5 Hour Learn to Mush Tour:  


Our 2.5 Hour "Learn to Mush"  meets at Rainbow Ranch Lodge, in Big Sky, Montana, which is convenient for those using the Free Public Transportation (Skyline Bus) that runs around Big Sky.  Rainbow Ranch Lodge & The Corral are the last stop on the free shuttle bus, that runs from The Mountain to the Canyon.   We meet a few minutes before your designated departure and then either transport you to our Basecamp in our vehicles, or if you have a 4WD/AWD vehicle you are welcome to follow us.

Rainbow Ranch Lodge Address is:

42950 Gallatin Rd, Big Sky, MT 59730

MEETING SPOT for 1 Hour Dog Sled 

THERE IS NO CELL COVERAGE WITHIN 10 Miles of our camp.  Save directions before coming out...

The one hour Basic Dog Sled Tour meets right at our Basecamp.   Which is off of US Highway 191 (the road that runs from Big Sky to West Yellowstone) on Taylor Fork Rd.   A 4wd vehicle is necessary to get to our camp.

OUR BASECAMP IS LOCATED 2.4 miles up Taylor Fork Rd, on the left.

  • Taylor Fork Rd is a USFS road between Mile Markers 33 & 34 off US Hwy 191.  
  • Taylor Fork Rd turns to the West- off the Highway.
  • Look for Signs for the "Sage Snowmobilers Trailhead", and a sign for an Emergency telephone box.  That is right at Taylor Fork Rd. 
  • The only nearby business or buildings is the Covered Wagon Ranch (closed for the winter).

Once you turn on Taylor Ford Rd, put your vehicle in 4wd and proceed up the plowed, but snow covered road for 2.4 miles.   Stay in the center of the road, or right of center.  Do Not Drive down the left side of the road  (its a snowmobile zone)

After climbing a small hill, and winding through a beautiful little river valley (Look for Moose and wolves) you will see our green gate and Husky sign on the left.  Turn in our driveway and proceed to our camp.  We will be the first signs of humans you'll see on Taylor Fork Rd.