Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures



We have been involved with sled dogs and husky rescue since getting our first husky from the Kalispell, Montana Animal Shelter in 1996.  Luna, was a Malamute/ Husky mix that was scheduled to be put down, the day after Thanksgiving.  She was a stray that had been picked up by Animal Control and nobody had ever come to claim her.  I had volunteered to walk dogs there, and felt a strong draw to her, so even though I was just staying at a friends house at the time,   I decided to adopt her and be her forever owner instead of allowing her to be put down.  Hawk was our second Husky, another Malamute, who weighed over 120lbs- he was 9 years old when we adopted him from the Heart of the Valley Shelter, in Bozeman, Montana .  Mackey was our third rescue, a mix, we got from the Stafford Animal Shelter, in Livingston, Montana- who wanted to run in harness and live with a team.  From there our fate had been cast, and the basis of our sled dog kennel had been created. 

Now, 20 years later we have provided homes to over 150 huskies.  We have adopted huskies from temporary shelters that needed a forever home, and we have also worked as a temporary shelter, housing dogs that had ended up in a bad spot and were in a transition.  Currently we are home to 48 sled dogs-  36 of them which we acquired as adult dogs.  We do not buy puppies, and rarely breed (5 litters in 20 years)  We acquire adult dogs from other mushers that are retiring from the sport, in financial trouble, or just need to re-home a dog. 

We have adopted 39 dogs directly from Alaska.  At our own expense we traveled 2,000 miles one way to adopt these dogs- to give them a forever home that would allow them to stay with their packs and still be in a working home.  We've adopted dogs that were 10 years old and given them a retirement home to live out their twilight years.  We strive to give dogs a loving home, and allows them to do what they love and were bred to do- run in a team and pull a sled.  

Our efforts are funded by the public who want to meet our Amazing dogs, and go for a sled ride.  If you would like to support our dogs- please join us and go for a ride! 

Jason Matthews & the Dogs of Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures