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The "Stars of the Show"  Our Huskies!


The dogs of Yellowstone Dogsled Adventures are the stars of the show!  We maintain a kennel of Alaskan Husky sled dogs.  The Alaskan Husky is the ultimate winter athlete. Bred for over 100 years for a specific thing- running and pulling sleds in the harshest winter conditions imaginable- these dogs are the most amazing animals on earth!  Ours are treated as family pets- and love having a job. There will be plenty of time on your trip to play with and pet the dogs!

In general, we do not breed our own dogs, most of our Yellowstone sled dogs were acquired from distance racing kennels.  We prefer not to breed, but prefer to adopt dogs from other kennels-  this allows us to be selective of all our teammates and to be sure that each addition to our kennel will be a perfect fit.  In order to be as ethical as possible, and to avoid unintentional breeding most of our dogs are spade or neutered.  Email us to learn more or to book:

We strive to provide the best quality of life possible for our dogs.  All of our dogs have their own wooden houses that are packed with straw in the winter, and provide shade in the summer.  They get tons of exercise and are fed a high quality premium diet- composed of frozen beef and chicken, and Black-Gold dry dog food.  In the summer, all dogs have water available all the time, and in the winter they are watered four times a day.  Our dogs aren't just pets, they are athletes and are treated as such!

Alaskan Huskies are not the dogs you usually see in Disney movies and in advertizements featuring sled dogs. Those are normally Siberian Huskies or Alaskan Malamutes that are bred for looks- not work.  With our dogs we believe in function more than form. We want the best dogs for the job- looks are secondary. To us our dogs are beautiful but, they look more like shaggy grayhounds than the dogs from movies like "8 Below".


Meet the Dogs

   Faith-   7 years old, female.  "Faithy" is our main lead dog,  she knows a wide variety of commands, and is a fearless dedicated leader day after day.  She is a quite dog, very aloof to people and other dogs, but once you get to know her she is a very, very sweet lady.  She came to us from Iditarod musher Matt Anderson 5 years ago.  She wasn't a leader at first, she was just a hard-working team dog.  But, during the American Dog Derby sled dog race in Idaho,  her star began to shine.  The team was having real leadership issues, and no dogs wanted to lead the charge- so, in the middle of the race Faith was switched to lead as an experiment.  She literally took off running and pulled the rest of the team along with her to the finish line.  She was never formally taught any commands- she just figured them out on her own.  She has been an incredible mentor to alot of our other lead dogs, and we owe alot of our success to her.  She always lives up to her name!

Junior- 8 year old male.  Jr. is the "class clown" he is always harassing other dogs (in a good-natured way) or looking to be petted by a nearby human.   He loves to run and jump into your arms when its play time.  He also loves to give hugs and stand-up on his back legs and dance.  Luckily, besides being an attention seeker, he is also an incredible sled dog.  He won't run lead, but he is happy in any other position.  He is the iron man of the operation- in 2009 he ran every single run of the season (the only dog to do so) from early season training, to mid-season racing, to spring time tours, Jr. was always there with a big grin on his face.  He actually is the son of a famous Iditarod champion lead dog, and he is about the perfect dog.

Slate- 10 years old, male.  "Slater" is a special dog.  He has been a sled dog his entire life, but if you ever had to handle him you would think it was his first time to be hooked up to the sled!  He is really tall and goofy and always acts awkward when your trying to walk or harness him.  He howls all the time and is one of the few dogs that actually barks when we are running (he's trying to speed the team up).  He truly is a unique sled dog, he is starting to get older now, but he still loves to run!  One of my all time favorites.

Kuna- 5 year old female.  Kuna is a small dog with a big heart.  She only weighs 45lbs, but she once pulled 700lbs in a weight pulling contest.  She is a real woman- she has different moods on different days.  Some days she is out-going and very social like Jr.  Other days she is aloof and wants her space.  She always enjoys a belly rub though.

Furlin- 14 years old, male.  Furlin is a rare dog.  Few dogs even live to his age, no other dogs work to this age!  Furlin did alot of tours last season.  He even is logging training miles currently this Fall.  He is in perfect health- no hip problems, no vision or hearing loss, and he still has an eager "I want to go for a run" attitude.  He doesn't like to go every time (he enjoys a 2 day work week), but he is out barking and wagging his tail most mornings when its time to go!  We'll keep taking him as long as he wants to go!  Before acquiring a dog house at Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures, Furlin was an Iditarod racer.  He has run the Iditarod 3 times (finishing twice).  Most people think he's half his age.

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