Yellowstone Dog Sled Adventures


Dog Sled Outings & Rates


We offer small group dog sled adventures. 

We strive to provide an intimate experience that emphasizes interaction with our huskies and our surroundings.  We offer adventure tours- teaching people how to drive their own dog sled.  Participants need to be some-what active and prepared for a winter outing into the mountains.   People who participate in activities such as hiking, cross-country skiing,  or cycling will enjoy our trips.  

Due to the elevations and conditions where we offer tours- our trips are not well-suited for sedentary or in-active people.   Please make sure your group is ready for an active hands-on experience- not just a dog sled ride!

Areas of Operation                                 

Our base is located in between Big Sky and West Yellowstone, MontanaWe are convenient to both places. We operate near the Border of Yellowstone Park- not in the park. (Near West Yellowstone and near Big Sky Resort).


"Learn to Mush" 1/2                            

$235 per person/ Kids 5 to 12 - $150  

Approximately 2.5 hours in length

Three departure times 9:30am, 11:30am or 1:30pm 

Our "Learn to Mush" experience is a wonderful adventure.  This outing is well-suited for adventure lovers from five years old and up.  We start with an instructional talk, and offer the opportunity to ride with a guide at first, and then it turns into a hands-on, highly interactive experience that allows you to Drive (Mush) your very own team of sled dogs!  You will learn all the basics of mushing, go over all the safety procedures, and then go on a several mile loop driving a team of huskies (following a guide).  We will stop several times for once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities along the way. (so bring your camera!) and switch up sleds/drivers to allow everyone the opportunity to ride with a guide for a bit, and drive their own sled some too.



 We utilize three different types of dog sleds. Guests can rotate between sleds and positions.

Sled 1- Ride with the guide- You sit in the basket of a sled, wrapped in a sleeping bag and the guide drives (this is great for a parent and a child) while you sight see.

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Sled 2- Tandem Driver Sled (Drive with a guide- "Learn to Mush").  This allows you to drive a sled while another member of your party rides in the basket- and a guide rides on the sled with you.


Sled 3- Drive your own sled!  Drive your own team of Huskies and follow behind a guide sled and their team- your friend or family member rides in the sled and you can change drivers throughout the run, so everyone gets a chance to drive!   Rule #1...Hang on tight!